Dancers Anonymous was created with two goals in mind...

First, to provide a platform for dancers to share their untold stories of struggles. These struggles can be physical, mental, emotional, or relation-based in nature. Many of these stories fall to the wayside for reasons such as, but not limited to, fear of retaliation (ie: fear of losing a job, developing a reputation, getting roles taken away), trauma (ie: experiences of fat-shaming or being encouraged/watching other be encouraged during periods of unhealthy weight loss) or lack of trust-worthy outlets (ie: not feeling comfortable speaking to other dancers in one’s company or one’s family members about one’s experiences). We hope that this can serve as a safe space to tell such stories by removing dancers’ identities from the picture. All stories are submitted through our submission form which does not ask for any personal information and we personally screen each story to make sure there is no information that could possibly be traced back to the storyteller. We will not know who you are, and neither will your readers. Though your name will not be attached to it, it’s your story and it’s worth telling. Ultimately, we hope that this will help break the stigma around sharing these kinds of stories and inspire change in the structures that continually fail dancers of all levels. 

Second, to provide resources that are specific to the needs of dancers. That is, many mental health resources target the general public, but there are very few ‘hubs’ of information specifically providing resources relevant to the very unique struggles dancers go through. The creators of this page have all dealt with mental health implications such as identity struggles, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety, during and after leaving the dance world. We hope that if your story leads you to feel that you might need help, you will need to go no further than our resources page.

Mission Statement: Dancers Anonymous seeks to inspire change within the dance world by providing specific mental health resources and a safe, inclusive online platform for dancers to build a community through sharing their stories.

Vision Statement: Dancers Anonymous envisions a dance industry that is consciously active in bettering the mental and physical health of its dancers.