Anonymous Story 21

“I am part of a company that has had some tough times in the last few years. Multiple dancers have left, for very valid reasons, this wasn’t a company they wanted to dance for so they went on to other things. Many voiced the reasons why they were leaving which was again reasonable and valid. However, since leaving several of these dancers have continued to publicly shame the company and the dancers who chose to stay. 

I have been insulted and belittled for my choice multiple times. I have had stories that were mine to share if I chose shared on social media without my consent. Though my name was never used I was clearly identified by what roles I had been dancing when these events took place. Anyone involved with the company clearly knew those were stories about me. 

I was not asked if I wanted my stories shared nor was I asked if anything that happened had been privately addressed, which it had. I have struggled almost daily with my choice to stay and dance with people I love at a company I love despite being humiliated for it.

I share this now simply to point out that there are always two sides to everything. Sharing how you feel is never wrong but attacking those who don’t feel the same before you have listened to what they have to say is.”


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