Anonymous Story 32

“Four dancers in my year group were visibly struggling with self-harm (the injuries could be seen quite clearly) and not once did a teacher, or in fact, any member of faculty at the school, speak to them and offer support or advice. We tried to help each other but there is only so much we could do and the fact you could not get time off for appointments made attempts to seek professional help seem pointless. 

Once a student was so distressed in class after an incredibly harmful comment from the teacher that she was scratching at her hands till they bled. The teacher was watching her actively hurting herself and still did nothing to help. Instead, she told her to toughen up and stop being dramatic. She wasn’t allowed to go and wash her hands or use a tissue so was left with blood all over her hands. I was shouted at for trying to comfort her.

On the next line rotation, I walked up to the girl and wiped the blood off them with my own hands. It was unpleasant and unsanitary but she needed help and she needed to be cared for and not humiliated. It was so upsetting to watch and the idea that all the staff knew it was happening but refused to help angers me to this day.”


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