Anonymous Story 37

“I have had so many incredible experiences within the ballet world but I have found that the bad experiences and trauma have clouded my whole outlook and ruined my love for ballet altogether. I went to a prestigious school and struggled with a long injury.

Not only was there a lack of direction in the recovery program, but a huge lack of support mentally and emotionally. I was told to sit on the floor and watch my peers for 6-8 hours, 5-6 days a week. I didn’t have a voice and constantly felt like I was ‘treading on eggshells with my teachers.

There was a harsh atmosphere at the school and so I never felt like I could speak to my teachers about how I felt. I left the school after being there only a short time and have never done a ballet class since. Some schools seem to be very good at advertising their emphasis on support for young dancers, but should really address how they act when it’s needed.”


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