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I trained at one of the most prestigious ballet teacher training schools in the world. Achieving a degree and a licentiate degree, which is classed as one of the highest accolades in dance teaching; I’m proud of the work I put in and everything I achieved whilst I was studying. After I graduated, I began teaching at my home ballet school which I danced with as a child. I taught as part of the team of teachers and we put on a professional show biannually that takes a huge amount of work.

I found out from a backstage helper that another teacher had told adolescent students that I taught, that I was not a proper teacher and shouldn’t be treated like one. These particular students were extremely disrespectful to the teaching team and backstage helpers and it was spurred on by this teacher who had a very close relationship with the most tumultuous student and used to share private information with the student.

What’s funny is, my teaching qualifications are technically worth more than hers and it is simply age and experience that is different. But none the less, it knocked my confidence hugely as a young teacher and has really made me doubt my abilities. I have gone on to choreograph professionally and my students have continued to achieve great ballet exam results but it still sits with me today. I still have to work with this teacher and I always feel anxious and on edge when I have to see her.


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