Anonymous Story 68

“I used to work for a well-known dance competition, but it was short-lived due to the conditions & treatment I was put under. In one instance, in particular, a member of the crew had said something absolutely vile about a child on stage – the kind of comment that deems someone a predator – and I had to personally fight with the CEO, HR, and head of the department the crew member was in to get him fired.

The three of them had previously met with the other department heads to decide what to do about the employee, as more comments from the weekend had surfaced, and nothing was done except for a talking to. They reduced the comments to “gossip” and a “witch hunt” since most of the crew on-site knew about it due to them not feeling comfortable confiding in the directors on-site.

It took me 9 weeks to finally get him “fired” (aka taken off his last event, but by all means, he could return to the company in the future). By that point, the season was practically over. It’s sad that these are the people who get paid to run children’s events. Before you attend your next convention or competition, ask them what they’re doing, as a company, to ensure the children attending are in good hands and a safe environment throughout the weekend.”


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