Anonymous Story 71

“I was so new to the commercial dance world and also dealing with religious cult conditioning and experienced S.A. already, so I was not ready for this to happen. I took this videographer’s dance class because he told our class one day he was working on a big TV show at the time. Apparently, I excelled in his class I was going to leave without saying bye because there was a line and he pulled my t-shirt back and drug me close to his body, and demanded he get my phone number for “future projects” before I left. I was elated!

He called me later that night, he was asking me so many personal questions (I was not interested and confused why he was digging into my personal life.) But I always heard men in the industry were weird so I went with it. The next time we talked he FaceTimed me and I was like ok am I gonna learn choreo? What is going on? He was drunk told me I look sexy in the mornings and then put his camera down to his … in his underwear for like a minute.

I was frozen I had no idea what to do but all the r*** I had experienced before this was suddenly back in my head experiencing it just like the first time. (Name removed): you f***ed me over and when I asked you about it you told me “we’ve already talked about this and idk what you want me to say.” I hope people know how you’re a predator to young women and that you don’t value women and you use them to make yourself feel powerful. I wish you the worst and I hope you lose your jobs.”


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