Anonymous Story 67

“By every other metric, I am an average-sized, if not thin woman. Why is it that in every dance class, audition, or dance environment I step into, I am considered “the big girl”, and someone inevitably makes a comment on my body and how I’m not “hireable” at my size?” -Anonymous

Dancer Resource Dialogue: Roxie Nebel, Yoga for Dance Academy

Tell us about yourself Yoga for Academy is a 90-day holistic cross-training mentorship program to help you transform how you move, train and think as a dancer. YDA is your blueprint for cultivating a bulletproof self-care routine to help you reach new heights in your dancing & transcend your self-sabotaging habits while leveling up your …

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Anonymous Story 64

“Discouraged from taking breaks or days off. Dancing through a 101-degree fever. Long-term adrenal taxation. Faculty in my dance department telling me I’ll never make it and I should just give up. Cliques. Body shaming. Alienation. Loneliness. Bullying from peers and faculty members. Favoritism. The constant rat race. This is what the dance department looks …

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Anonymous Story 62

“My director asked me to touch him on his crotch in order to understand turn-out muscles. He did the same to me. He also asked me to describe my period, favorite sex positions, and which guys I would like to have sex with in the company. This went on for nearly 10 years.” -Anonymous