Dancer Resource Dialogue: Naira Agvanean, Naira Agvanean Coaching

Tell us about yourself

I am a High-Performance Coach for Dancers and a Soloist with the Dutch National Ballet; as I am dancing my 15th season here, I am getting a clearer understanding of what it takes to have a happy and fulfilling career as a professional. I help Dancers achieve success sustainably through a strong Mindset and Resilience. The physical demands of our profession reached unbelievable levels in the last decades. We’ve come to the point where we survive through a ballet season. Working smart is the only way, but that is not taught in schools or companies. We have to figure it out ourselves. I am very passionate about supporting my clients and helping them take their careers and lives into their own hands. My Digital Course for Dancers, “Auditions, the secrets to success.” helps dancers gain all the necessary mental, physical and emotional skills to land a job.

Which story/stories stood out to you and why?

I must say I am shocked by all the stories that end in damaging the Dancer for life. So sad that someone can be left with such bitter feelings after years of hard work. Breaking someone’s spirit to make them fit a mold is only a short-term win. Sadly, our beautiful art form carries trauma from generation to generation. So thankful to this platform for bringing awareness.

If you could send a message to the dancer who shared that story, what would it be?

None of you dancers were at fault; it was not about you or your abilities. You happen to be the victim of someone else’s trauma and pain. You did the best you could and the best you knew how to at the time. You are stronger for it today and worthy of self-care and self-love. And thank you for sharing your story.

How can your resource or community help this dancer or someone going through something similar?

Most Dancers struggle quietly because it’s seen as a weakness. Some don’t think they can or know how to dance differently. In my coaching sessions, I create a safe space for Dancers to explore many other ways of approaching their dance careers, which brings them fulfillment and growth as well as, and a lot of Mindset work goes into the Auditions Course for Dancers. I love talking about Mindset on my IG Live series. I offer coaching services with different packages on my website, and I share my experiences and coaching tools for Dancers through my Blog Posts and Newsletter.

How can dancers reach you?

Naira Agvanean, Naira Agvanean Coaching

“To Climb Mount Everest, we need more than just physical skills; we need solid and resilient minds. Also, let’s not forget who we are dancing for, don’t let anyone steal your magic.” -Naira Agvanean

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