Dancer Resource Dialogue: Roxie Nebel, Yoga for Dance Academy

Tell us about yourself

Yoga for Academy is a 90-day holistic cross-training mentorship program to help you transform how you move, train and think as a dancer. YDA is your blueprint for cultivating a bulletproof self-care routine to help you reach new heights in your dancing & transcend your self-sabotaging habits while leveling up your technique, health & confidence for a fulfilling injury-free career.

Which story/stories stood out to you and why?

The Dancers Anonymous platform feels very aligned with the mission and message of YDA, there is a health crisis happening in the dance world, and it needs to be talked about! I’m an advocate and resource for revolutionizing the outdated, harmful systems, mindsets & training regiments that ignore the well-being of dancers.

It is possible to be at the top of your game without sacrificing your mental and physical health, I’m here to offer a trauma-informed safe space for dancers to heal, guidance to grow as confident artists & education to transform the way they train and relate to their body. There is a new wave of dance culture on the horizon and we must all do our part to talk about our experiences to create new methods and solutions for the way dancers train at a high level.

If you could send a message to the dancer who shared that story, what would it be?

Don’t wait until you’re injured, burnt out, or struggling to invest in your well-being, you deserve to thrive, not just survive. If you’re questioning your worth as a dancer, frustrated by your lack of progress, exhausted from trying to keep up with impossible standards, feel like you’re always fighting your body, or struggling with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, know that you are NOT alone, and there IS a better way.

I know how it feels to be you. A dancer, grinding long hours in the studio, rehearsing, auditioning, competing, living, breathing & dreaming dance. At 18 years old I suffered a low back injury that doctors deemed career-ending. I learned the hard way, the consequences of not taking self-care or proper cross-training seriously. Yoga nurtured me back to health, back to dancing, and into the best shape of my life – all without a single pill, surgery, diet, or gym.

So, I’ve put together a program to share my signature methodology from everything that has allowed me to come back from a “career-ending” injury. To teach dancers everything I wish I had learned sooner to prevent injury & THRIVE as an artist. You deserve that kind of support to make your dreams a reality.

How can your resource or community help this dancer or someone going through something similar?

Come take a yoga class with me on YouTube! Whether you want to unlock your true flexibility potential, build powerhouse strength, future-proof your body from injuries, revitalize your nervous system and fascia, or just relieve soreness & chronic pain I have a class for it all.

All the yoga for dancers classes are created with the specific needs and movements of dancers in mind, rooted in healthy alignment fundamentals and solutions for bio-hacking your unique body code to reach your goals and feel your best. If you want the life-changing results of a high-level full-body training and self-care regimen, accountability to make weekly progress towards your dance goals, 1:1 support for customized care, and a community of like-minded driven dancers to launch you into the next level of your dance career, look no further than Yoga for Dance Academy!

How can dancers reach you?

Yoga for Dance Academy
Youtube Channel: Roxie Nebel

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