Dancer Resource Dialogue: Elizabeth Sterling, The Whole Pointe

Tell us about yourself:

As a coach and therapeutic hypnotist, I utilize practical neuroscience techniques to help dancers so that they can perform their best and feel amazing in the process. My mission is to build a better ballet culture from the inside out by empowering dancers at the individual level to take back control of your life and re-connect to your innate worth – join me!

Tell us about a story/stories on our page that stood out to you and why:

There was a story where the dancer said they wished they had a therapist that specialized in dance, and it took me right back to when I was between contracts, feeling broken, depressed, alone and like there would never be anyone who “got it”. The perpetuation that dancers need to resist support because no one gets what it takes to be a dancer and sacrificing yourself is part of it is a big reason that I do what I do. It breaks my heart to read each story and makes me insanely proud of your bravery. The more we bring these things to the light and share collectively the more we can heal collectively and demand the changes necessary to create environments where dancers can flourish like the creative, radiant humans they are.

If you could send a message to that dancer(s), what would it be?

You are not alone. You don’t have to go through this by yourself.
The way you’ve been treated is NOT OK and it’s not your fault.
I know it’s hard sometimes to believe that healing is possible but it is.
And oh my god, it gets to be so much better than you’d ever believe.
Keep going because YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.

How can your resource or community help this dancer or another dancer going through something similar?

I work with dancers privately and in my group coaching programs to create safety in your mind & body so that you transform unhelpful habits to crank up your confidence. Switch your inner critic into your inner cheerleader so that no matter what you choose to do so you can bring your whole self and enjoy the heck out of it! Consider this your invitation to reach out and connect in. I feel extremely blessed to have created an incredibly supportive community and I’d love to hear from you and help you find the resources that will be most helpful to you.

How can dancers reach you?

Elizabeth Sterling
The Whole Pointe

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