Kiev City Ballet Fundraiser

Here at Dancers Anonymous, we stand firmly for improving the lives of dancers everywhere through storytelling and community building. Our page is a safe space for dancers to tell their stories freely, without fear of reprimand and our community is full of leaders who want to #ChangeTheIndustry for the better. Long-term change in dancers’ rights is our biggest goal, but protecting and taking care of dancers right now is equally as important.

Because we believe that #DancersDeserveBetter, we stand with the dancers of the @kievcityballet who, overnight, lost everything due to the #RussianInvasion of #Ukraine. When we learned about this company’s situation through @cloudandvictory we knew we wanted to help. Imagine being a dancer in a company already crippled by Covid, something that too many of us know well, finally getting to go on tour abroad, and one day in learning that your home has been devastated by war. This is their reality.

If you are interested in helping these dancers, you can donate directly to their company through their PayPal account, linked in our story and in our bio (as well as on their website). Please share our post with your network and if you know of any other dancers or companies looking for help, let us know so we can help spread the word.  

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