Meet the Founders


Founder & Social Media Lead

My name is Arianna and I am the founder and social media lead for Dancers Anonymous! I created this page hoping to help change the way dancers are treated and ultimately foster a more inclusive and healthy environment which helps artists thrive rather than beating them down. After my own experience dancing professionally, struggling with mental health, and recovering from disordered eating, this page and the stories being shared on it remind me, and all of us, that we are not alone and all want to see things change for the better. I am so thrilled to have the help of two of my closest friends, Rose and Mara, on this project. I grew up dancing with them and we have been lucky to stay close even as we have all moved into new careers. In this way, this page is both an expression of our experiences and a place for you to share yours, free from judgment or repercussion.   


Project Lead

Hi! My name is Rose and I am the Project Lead at Dancers Anonymous. Dance- Ballet in particular, and I have a complicated relationship as it’s been the thing that’s brought me the most joy and also the most heartbreak. Most of that pain, I can now attribute to a lack of Mental Health support as a young dancer and student. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of such an inclusive and supportive platform for dancers to not only find a community but to have tailored and thorough resources to look to for help.


Creative/Design Lead

Hi, my name is Mara and I’m the creative/design lead here at Dancers Anonymous! As much as I have loved growing up in the dance community, I have also witnessed the unfortunate consequences that the industry has on dancers’ physical and mental well-being. I hope that this platform will encourage a much needed discussion of these issues and provide an open space to share voices that have been silenced for too long.