Peer Support Launch

Here at Dancers Anonymous, we believe that #DancersDeserveBetter and that it’s time to #ChangeTheIndustry. How can we do that? Well, the change starts with each and every one of us, whether we are current or former dancers, professionals or amateurs, ballet dancers or hip hop dancers. We all have experiences that have impacted us, and we have come together on this platform to begin healing through sharing these difficult, but important stories.

While industry leaders have plenty of work to do, we too have our work cut out for us. Without healing ourselves, change remains difficult. And especially in the midst of so much uncertainty from living through a global pandemic, we all need to lean on each other to start to fully heal. That’s why we have created a Peer Support Group, which will host a maximum of 12 dancers each month.

From the get-go, we want to clarify that Peer Support is NOT group therapy, and we are not trained professionals. By definition, Peer Support is a gathering of peers with similar lived experiences who come together to support each other. Peer Support will be hosted by our lovely Project Lead, Rose Knight, with the help of our Founder and Social Media Lead, Arianna Babraj. They have both completed Mental Health First Aid and are passionate about growing as Peer Support facilitators.

We hope you will join us! More info can be found under our “Peer Support” tab.

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